06 Apr 2020

Meet The Safari Store Team Through Their Dreams


Our dreams are sharpened at times like these. At The Safari Store, we are a small team with big dreams. Our founder, Steve Adams, asked where our dreams are taking us now that we need to stay at home. Read on to find out where each of us would go and what we would take along.

We all travel for different reasons and, on asking where we are yearning to go, our team shared dreams that took us on safari and around the world. This collection includes a return to special places and those glittering with aspiration – the ones only read about in stories and enjoyed through pictures. Rather unsurprisingly, there was a sway among us towards Africa and the outdoors in everything from blue safaris to different bush safari destinations – but we learnt a thing or two about each other too.

The peace and awe that comes from watching wildlife. Beautiful remote landscapes. A love of the outdoors. Beach paradises. Adventure. Check out the newsletter to find out more about where we would go and what we would take along.

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