19 Sep 2019

Massive Renovation of The Gambia’s Airport


The Gambia has embarked on a massive renovation of its international airport.   The West African nation, dubbed The Smiling Coast of Africa, has a vibrant tourism industry and receives tens of thousands of British holiday makers.

The country's Civil Aviation Authority says the project, which involves an exhaustive overhaul of the Terminal Building, including the expansion of the structure and provision of more services, will cost in excess of $14 million. 

The works will include renovations to the ceiling,  floors and expansion of both the arrival and departure areas.  

The project will also:

•double the number of check-in counters 

•provide modern x-ray machines

 • provide   an improved cooling system

 • bring in new conveyor belts

• provide modern restaurants at both the CIP & VIP lounges as well as full banking services,

• improve access to duty free

• and create  more office space for airlines.

The expansion and improvements will enable Banjul International Airport to handle more flights, especially during the winter tourist season, when tourist charter flights as well as scheduled flights arrive and take off relatively close to each other.

The project is expected to be completed in mid- 2020.

The improvements will enable the airport to handle an increase in the number of passengers which could benefit the country’s important tourism industry.