10 Dec 2019

Launch of new Big Cats Seasonal Camp in Masai Mara, from safari expert Nigel Archer


Following on from the success of the Great Wildebeest Migration Luxury Seasonal Camp launched earlier this year to allow guests to feast on the majestic annual wildebeest migration, Nigel Archer Safaris are delighted to announce the launch of their Big Cats Luxury Seasonal Camp. Guests can experience the best predator sightings with the Big Cats game package, available from 20th January through to 10th March 2020.

These Seasonal Camps offer authentic yet luxurious safari - combining canvas tents with en- suite bathrooms, hot showers and flushing toilets; experienced guides; and fine dining. Guests receive a first-hand ‘Out of Africa’ experience that is exclusive and tailor-made to be as active or relaxed as the guest’s desire. Nigel Archer Safaris Seasonal Camps offer an exceptional and intimate encounter with the natural world and will provide guests with unique wildlife insights.

Nigel Archer commented, “I have launched these two Seasonal Camps to offer the ultimate experiential trip that allows more people to be exposed to these incredibly wildlife rich times of year, whilst experiencing all that is so unique and special about a temporary tented camp. Guests are privileged spectators to the magnificent stage of the Masai Mara – and they can watch, listen and smell as the drama plays out before them, in an experience that is truly unparalleled.”

This is the greatest opportunity to see the iconic big cats, in their prime due to the superb climate and conditions which provides excellent visibility of the cats in the short grass after the short seasonal rains. The short green grass attracts thousands of grazing animals; hence predators too. Cheetah, leopard and lion have excellent ability to camouflage themselves in the long grasses; however the seasonal low grass makes the big cats easier to spot, enabling guests to encounter intimate and longer sightings. The camp is ideally located in the heart of the Masai Mara National Reserve, making the area in and around camp an idyllic location for game viewing and a photographer's paradise.

Once the grasses have grown Nigel Archer Safaris hosts the Migration Seasonal Camp, when guests can see over one million wildebeest and two hundred thousand zebra that follow the rains and the long grass which comes with it. It is a unique time of the year for the Masai Mara because there is an abundance of wildlife, providing the best game viewings. Guests can join the adventure and follow the wildebeest on their journey across the green savannah, experiencing the challenges they encounter day-to-day. In 2020 this camp runs from the 15th July through to the 15th October.

Nigel Archer Safaris offer one of the greenest forms of tourism ensuring everything used in and around camp is eco-friendly: the camp uses solar power to reduce its carbon footprint; re-fillable water bottles for within camp and on game drives; and high-quality produce is locally sourced from Kenya wherever possible. Once the safari season is over the camp is packed up, leaving nothing behind, as if it was never there, allowing nature to reclaim it.