22 Sep 2020

Kenyan Communities Deciding Their Futures


One Horizon and Kenyan communities work together in true collaboration.  In the communities that One Horizon is involved in, it is the Kenyan communities that drive the objectives of what they want to achieve and the measures of success and which travelers help, One Horizon goes about organising the resources to ensure that the project can succeed. 

It is a relationship built on trust and in working programs to successful outcomes many local businesses have prospered and gone on to even greater success and that is the great thing about the work that is done.   

It is Kenyans deciding their own futures.  The passion of Kenyans in their commitment to moving away from poverty is second to none and often it is a helping hand that is all that is needed. 

One Horizon has seen many successes from grandmas who now run successful piggeries to young women now buying and selling land as their business and the ultimate objective being to be able to put food on the table and to keep their families together.  

It is inspiring work and travelers are amazed at the resilience of the Kenyans who have had challenges which few others could see through and the ability to get involved is what our travelers talk about so often.   

Communities coming together to help each other.