29 Jun 2024

Kenya's Magic Remains Undisrupted


In light of recent developments in Kenya, the Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) would like to reassure all our visitors that Kenya remains a remarkably safe and welcoming destination for all visitors.
We understand the concerns these events may have raised regarding travel to Kenya, and we are here to provide the following reassurances:

  • All airports and airstrips across Kenya remain fully operational, with scheduled flights arriving and departing as normal. Our main airports have stringent security protocols in place and are functioning at optimal capacity.
  • Road networks and railways across the country remain open, including the efficient Standard Gauge Railway, which provides comfortable travel between Nairobi and Mombasa. We assure our visitors of convenient access to any of our tourism circuits countrywide.
  • All tourism destinations and attractions remain unaffected and open to visitors.
  • We continue to work in close collaboration with local authorities to monitor any concerns and ensure seamless experiences for visitors.
  • Kenya's renowned warm hospitality and high service standards remain unwavering. Visitors can continue to expect the welcoming experience that Kenya is famous for.

H.E. President William Ruto declined to assent to the Finance Bill, which triggered the recent demonstrations and has written to Parliament to withdraw the Bill and give way for dialogue with the youth and other stakeholders opposed to the bill.

The President has also proposed the formation of a multi-sectoral, multistakeholder engagement within the next 14 days to chart the way forward on the bill while addressing the issues and concerns raised during the impasse. These are reassuring steps confirming that Kenya is open for business.

We invite you to come and experience the magic of Kenya where adventure, culture and natural beauty await. Visit Magical Kenya and discover the wonders that await you in all our destinations.

Kenya's tourism sector remains resilient and committed to providing unforgettable experiences for all visitors. Our commitment to ensuring the safety and satisfaction of our visitors remains unwavering. Kenya continues to be a prime location for tourists, and we~ward to welcoming you to our beautiful country.

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Source: Kenya Tourism Board