31 May 2018

Kenya Airways to increase flight frequencies across Africa and Europe

Kenya Airways has announced additional 26 weekly frequencies between its hub at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) and destinations across Africa and Europe for the 2018 summer season, compared to the winter season schedule.

In the months of July and August, the airline will have two additional night flights to Amsterdam, per week and two other extra day flights to Paris, France.

To cater for increasing demand, the airline will further introduce 4 weekly flights to Mauritius effective June 7th, 2018 and 3 non-stop weekly flights to Cape Town effective June 6th, this is in addition to the existing 7 weekly flights connecting via Victoria Falls and Livingston.

There will be three additional night flights to Accra, Ghana and Freetown, Sierra Leone effective August this year. Other destinations that will have additional frequencies include Kinshasa, Brazzaville, Capetown, Johannesburg, Maputo and Entebbe.

Last year, Kenya received about 1.3 million international tourist arrivals which was a 17 percent increase compared to the previous year. All the destinations worldwide received a total of 1.1 billion international tourist arrivals. 

Summer 2018 Schedule
New Destinations
Flight No Days Orig Dest A/C Dep_LT Arr_LT Effective Comments 
Mauritius - 4x weekly                
KQ 270 Monday; Thursday NBO MRU E90 10:50 16:05 07-Jun-18  
KQ 271 Monday; Thursday MRU NBO E90 16:45 20:05 07-Jun-18  
KQ 274 Wednesday; Saturday NBO MRU E90 21:55 03:10 09-Jun-18  
KQ 275 Thursday; Sunday MRU NBO E90 03:50 07:05 10-Jun-18  
Flight No Days Orig Dest A/C Dep_LT Arr_LT Effective Comments 
Additional Frequencies
KQ 114 Tuesday; Friday NBO CDG 788 07:05 14:40 10-Jul-18 Extra Day Flights 2x
KQ 115 Tuesday; Friday CDG NBO 788 20:45 06:25 10-Jul-18  
KQ 118 Friday; Saturday NBO AMS 788 21:15 05:00 13-Jul-18 Extra Night Flts 2x
KQ 119 Saturday; Sunday AMS NBO 788 08:55 18:20 14-Jul-18  
KQ 510 Monday; Wednesday; Friday NBO ACC 738 21:05 23:40 01-Aug-18 night flts 3x
KQ 510 Tuesda; Thursday; Saturday ACC FNA 738 00:40 03:00 02-Aug-18  
KQ 511 Tuesda; Thursday; Saturday FNA ACC 738 05:40 08:00 02-Aug-18 night flts 3x
KQ 511 Tuesda; Thursday; Saturday ACC NBO 738 09:00 17:40 02-Aug-18  
KQ 524 Thursday; Saturday NBO DLA E90 21:05 23:15 07-Jun-18 night flts 2x
KQ 525 Friday; Sunday DLA NBO E90 00:00 06:10 08-Jun-18  
KQ 552 Wednesday; Friday; Sunday NBO FIH E90 20:50 22:20 01-Jun-18 night flts 3x
KQ 552 Wednesday; Friday; Sunday FIH BZV E90 23:00 23:35 01-Jun-18  
KQ 552 Monday; Thursday; Saturday BZV NBO E90 00:20 06:00 02-Jun-18  
KQ 742 Thurday; Sunday NBO MPM E90 21:05 00:15 07-Jun-18 night flts 2x
KQ 743 Monday; Friday MPM NBO E90 01:05 06:00 08-Jun-18  
KQ 766 Thursday; Saturday; Sunday NBO JNB E90 01:20 04:30 07-Jun-18 night flts 3x
KQ 767 Thursday; Saturday; Sunday JNB NBO E90 05:30 10:35 07-Jun-18  
KQ 784 Wednesday; Friday; Sunday NBO CPT 738 15:35 20:20 06-Jun-18 afternoon 3x
KQ 785 Wednesday; Friday; Sunday CPT NBO 738 22:15 05:00 06-Jun-18  
KQ 420 Wednesday; Friday NBO EBB E90 08:40 10:00 06-Jun-18 2 extra freq(D35)