10 Mar 2020

Keep Calm - Travel To Africa

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There is a lot of negative press and social media going around in the UK and worldwide related to the Coronavirus, which is making people panic, bulk buy supplies and generally feel anxious about being in public spaces.

The situation is changing and developing on a daily basis. It is vital that everyone follows the guidelines to prevent the virus spreading – but we also need to have a little balance and perspective because the world cannot afford for the tourism industry to be completely decimated either. Tourism income in Africa keeps people in jobs, food on their tables and our precious wildlife safe in protected game reserves.

So until such time as there are travel bans in place and the Foreign Office advice changes, the UK travel industry is trying to keep people calm with its #KeepCalmTravelOn campaign - but in a responsible way!

At Ethos we will be sharing daily posts promoting southern and East Africa, where only a handful of cases have been confirmed so far. Hotels, lodges, many tour operators and airlines are waiving cancellation fees and offering flexible alternatives for those people wanting to postpone their trips until later in the year or pushing them to 2021.

For many people the main concern is travelling through airports and on aeroplanes rather than catching the virus in Africa - but for now, all we can to support the tourism industry, is continue to share positive posts on Facebook and Instagram highlighting the wide open spaces, fresh air and safari / outdoors.

In addition to #KeepCalmTravelOn, we will also use our own hashtag #KeepCalmTravelToAfrica. We invite you to join us in using these hashtags and to share some lovely positive images on your own social channels.

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Main image: Elephant in devils thorn flowers at Mashatu by Kim Wolhuter