01 Jul 2020

Jenman Safaris’ New Facebook Live Series gives Safari Guides a Valuable Platform


Launching the ‘Safari Guide Chronicles’ series bestowed an absolute sense of pride. Proud to work with such passionate and dedicated members of the travel tribe, proud to be part of an industry that plays such a vital role in conservation and empowerment, and proud to represent the formidable and diverse continent that is Africa.

The influence that radiates from those who are dedicated to conservation and responsible tourism was exhibited in Jenman African Safaris guide Jonathan Dube’s Facebook live interview. Sharing his love and hope for tourism with CEO Katja Quasdorf, and commitment to upskilling during downtime, was a humble reminder of the Zimbabwean perspective of resilience. 

Jonathan’s words and encouragement to young people who aspire to enter the guiding world resonate throughout the guiding vocation, reaching the ears and hearts of younger members in the community, gifting a platform for inclusivity and change. He spoke into the value and benefit responsible tourism imparts on local communities, improving livelihoods through human wildlife conflict, education, as well as instilling a sense of environmental ownership. This sense of ecological responsibility sustains the protection of our wild spaces and conservation initiatives.

The Grow Africa Foundation progam ‘Project Penya’ is an additional reminder about the positive impacts tourism provides – the bed levies and guest donations contributing to its sustainability. Those who wish to be involved in such projects, please do not hesitate to contact us as we continue to strive to make a difference.

To learn more about Jonathan’s dedication to the African ‘natural auditorium’, as he guides us through his favourite Jenman African Safaris tour, the Northern and Southern Experience, reminding us why road-trips are limitless adventures of the unexpected, listen to the Facebook live recording here.