16 Aug 2021

JabuGin for G&T & Elephant Lovers


Another reason to come on safari at Jabulani... JabuGin! Made by elephants. Enjoyed by humans.

Join Jabulani for a taste of our elephant dung-infused JabuGin, a distinctive new offering for guests at Jabulani, infused with the dung of the Jabulani herd of elephants…

Our JabuGin is infused with the dung of the Jabulani herd of elephants… a unique ingredient that you may either be very curious to try or perhaps need some tempting to even sniff. Rest assured, it’s just delicious!

The dung is collected, cleaned and dried and added to the creation of our gin, adding all kinds of natural plant ingredients foraged by the Jabulani herd while out on their walks in the wilderness each day. The herd are happy and healthy and their dung is proof of that. Their contribution to our new gin infuses the mix with distinctive South African botanicals and tastes that the elephants have discerningly selected for us.

All proceeds from the bottles sold go towards the high ongoing costs to care for, sustain and protect the Jabulani herd of rescued elephants and the elephant orphans at HERD (Hoedspruit Elephant Rehabilitation & Development).

We truly love our gins, especially when it comes to sundowners with the elephants at the dam in our Big 5 wilderness. The cool smooth taste of our evening cocktail with the scent of the bush and lions roaring through the setting sun make it all the more delicious and memorable.

Jabulani lodge was created as a way to support and care for a herd of rescued elephants from Zimbabwe and an orphan calf named Jabulani who needed a new herd of his own.

With Jabulani owner, Adine Roode’s experience and knowledge in conservation, and an incredible and dedicated elephant care team, the herd has gone from strength to strength, spending their days walking and foraging, bonding and swimming out in the wilderness of the Kapama Private Game Reserve. At night the rescued herd sleep in the elephant homestead while the orphan calves stay at the orphanage nurseries.

Over the 20 years of supporting the herd through tourism at the lodge, our carers and Elephant Managers work with vets and wildlife experts to monitor the well-being and health of the elephants through different means – one being by inspecting the animals’ dung. A lot can be learnt by studying elephants’ dung.

Needless to say, we have access to plenty of fresh dung, with only the best foraged ingredients compliments of the mixologists on this occasion, the elephants.

Dung plays a very important part in the care of elephant calves. Naturally, calves eat the dung of other elephants in their herd to acquire essential bacteria that helps with immunity and digestion. The Jabulani elephants’ dung has gone a long way in helping little albino elephant, Khanyisa who is currently in the care of HERD and being integrated into her new family.

Perhaps you’d like a taste too…

Come and try a few glasses on safari at Jabulani, purchase a bottle from our boutique or contact us if you’d like to purchase one: [email protected]