11 Oct 2019

Introducing Saruni Seedballs, re-greening Kenya’s eco-system… one seedball at a time


As you know, at Saruni, we are committed to protecting the future of Kenya’s wildlife and the communities who safeguard them. We have partnered with Seedballs Kenya to help re-green parts of the country... one seed ball at a time. ‘Seedballs’ containing the seeds of indigenous trees, specifically chosen for each of the areas in which we are located, can now be purchased throughout our lodges.

By simply throwing the seedballs into carefully identified, degraded areas, our guests can be part of this movement. The seed, encased in a fertile, recycled charcoal crust, will germinate and soon these areas will be covered once again with indigenous trees, shrubs and grasses.

For more information on the Saruni Seedball Project click here