03 May 2019

Introducing Our New Team Members...

The SAFARI Company doesn’t book holidays, it crafts adventures and promises you memories that last a lifetime. Yes, we are a Kenyan-based DMC and we spend hours, days, weeks and months in the field, with our families, finding perfect places scattered around East Africa for our guests to experience … and to help us with our wonderful increase in work, oh yes, we have had sextuplets. Please join us in getting to know the newest six members of our family:

  • Raymond joins us as another Senior Safari Specialist. Ray comes from 13 years’ experience in tourism and worked closely with Chania, TSC’s Founder, 12 years ago when they were at Cheli & Peacock together. Did you Know? Raymond is a football fanatic and Chelsea FC is his club; his claim to fame is organizing a safari for the former Chelsea FC Coach, Guus Hiddink and his wife!

  • Henrietta joins us as yet another Senior Safari Specialist. Henrietta comes with 37 years of incredible experience, working for the best of the best... from C&P to Gamewatchers, in Kenya and Tanzania… and with excellent experience working with FIT, incentives & professional photographers!! Did you Know? Henrietta is also a professional Garden Landscaper?

  • Juliet, our new Accounts & Administration whizz - Juliet joins us with 9 years of tourism, accounts and administration experience. Did you know? Juliet just loves cooking … feeling we may benefit out of this!!

  • Irene, our capable Office Manager - Irene comes with 31 years’ experience in the tourism and administrative world.  Did you know? Irene has started Golf Lessons and looks forward to playing a championship game?

  • Sarah, our incredibly capable Administrative Assistant. Did you know? Sarah has a birthmark shaped like the continent of Africa, it’s upside down & South Africa is on her neck!

Let’s not forget, some fun facts about our Spectacular Six, the longest serving members of our family:

  • Chania, the founder / MD  - Did you Know? Chania has lived in Kenya her entire life and is Kenyan? She grew up on a tea plantation in Kenya’s highlands but absolutely loved her school and uni years in the UK (from the age of 8 to 22) … and was lucky enough to come back home for safaris & seas each and every school holiday.

  • Clair, Senior Safari Designer - Did you Know? Clair has been working in tourism and conservation for 31 years? She’s also been with us for 10 years. Where did those years go?

  • Danielle, Senior Safari Specialist - Did you Know? Danielle has lived in Switzerland, The United States & Belgium, but she always maintains ‘having lived abroad, East or West, home is best’!

  • Tracy, Safari Specialist - Did you Know? That along with Tracy’s full time work; she is currently pursuing a master’s degree in marketing?

  • Andrew, our Senior Driver Guide - Did you Know? Andrew has been with this company since its car doors opened (ha ha) in 2008 … and we have not received even one complaint about him in these years … pretty impressive!

  • Carolyn, our Social Media Queen - Did you Know? Carolyn fell in love with Africa after visiting in 2009  and as a result left her long-standing career at Coca-Cola to relocate from the US to Kenya? She is proud to call Kenya her home for almost a decade now!

The SAFARI Company thanks you for your wonderful support.

For any additional questions or enquiries, please contact us on [email protected]