23 Jan 2023

Heli Adventures with The Safari Collection Return


We have once again got a helicopter stationed in Samburu, ready to whizz guests off on unbelievable adventures. Through our partners at Tropic Air, the heli is on standby at Sasaab so guests benefit from no repositioning fees. It’s also possible to depart on heli trips from Solio Lodge.

Our epic heli trips offer totally bespoke journeys to explore Kenya’s hidden north. From landing on volcanic crater rims to sundowners on mountain tops, sandboarding down dune fields, swimming in secret springs and flying alongside thousands of flamingos - discovering the wilderness of northern Kenya is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that offers a whole new perspective.

Discover some of our suggested heli itineraries here, watch our taster video or get in touch today at [email protected] to book your adventure!

2023 is the year for epic travel experiences that feed your wanderlust.