22 Sep 2023

Harnessing Cultural Heritage as a Catalyst for Economic Growth


Cultural heritage stands as a testament to the rich tapestry of human history, offering a window into the stories, traditions, and identities that shape our societies. Beyond its intrinsic value, cultural heritage has emerged as a dynamic force propelling economic growth, fostering community pride, and nurturing identity. There is economic potential inherent in preserving and promoting diverse Black cultural heritages from around the world. By shedding light on its capacity to drive development, celebrate diversity, and create enduring prosperity, the Global Black Impact Summit (GBIS) (www.GlobalBlackImpact.com)  – which is organized by Energy Capital & Power (www.EnergyCapitalPower.com) – uncovers the hidden gems that contribute to a thriving global cultural landscape.

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Source: AfricanBUSINESS