15 Jun 2022

Great Plains new developments in Zimbabwe, including one of the largest wildlife relocations in history

Project Rewild Zambezi is one of the most ambitions wildlife relocations ever undertaken, which will start in June 2022 lasting a period of two years.

The Great Plains Foundation will be moving 3000 animals, including 400 elephants, lion, wild dog and many other species into the Sapi Private Reserve, part of the Greater Mana Pools UNESCO World Heritage Site.  

Guests staying at Great Plains new Tembo Plains Camp will have a great chance of seeing these regular releases of animals, as well as enjoying a tremendous range of activities in the 118,000 hectare private reserve.  

The webinar will also include the new Mpala Jena Camp, with it’s beach-vibe in the Zambezi National Park, 18 kilometres upstream from Victoria Falls.