15 Jan 2019

Governors’ Welcomes In-House Photographer William Fortescue in the Masai Mara


Being situated in the richest wildlife area in the Masai Mara, we at Governors’ want to ensure our guests are offered the opportunity to capture their safari wildlife moments in the best way.

From January to March 2019 Governors’ has Will Fortescue as our in-house professional
photographer. He’ll be on hand to give any of our guests any photography assistance they might require.

Will has a first class degree in Marine and Natural History Photography and is in to his 8th month working in the Mara. He is more than happy to help with anything from simple basics through to accompanying you on safari. All the services below are completely free of charge and he’s happy to help with anything he can:

Get the most out of your camera: Hoping to get the ultimate safari shot but unsure how to get the best out of your camera? Will can go over any questions you may have about your equipment to make sure you get that perfect image to take home.

Accompanied Safaris: For all level of photographer. Will can accompany you to make sure you capture the best photos possible on your trip with everything from technical aspects of your camera to photo composition. A great chance to make the most of having a wildlife and photography guide with you in the car.

Digital Photo Package: If you’d rather just enjoy watching the wildlife or have only been taking the occasional iPhone photo, Will can happily accompany you on safari and provide you with a set of digital images to take home with you. These can include images of all the wildlife you’ve been lucky enough to witness as well as photos of you on your safari.

Edit your images: If you’ve got any images you’ve taken that you’d love to edit before you go home and get them in the photo album, Will uses Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to make the perfect image that little bit better. He’s more than happy to go through your images with you in camp and make sure you take home a great set of images.

For all of the above or any other questions then please just ask Will or our reception staff while in camp, or enquire during the booking process. The dates for which camps he’ll be based at are listed below, but he can easily travel between any of our Mara camps between January and March.

4th January - 18th January : Governors’ Camp

19th January - 1st February : Little Governors’ Camp

2nd February - 10th February : Il Moran Camp

19th February - 23rd February : Governors’ Camp

For information on William or anything else contact [email protected]