09 Dec 2021

Governors' Camp Collection supports the Grevy's Zebra Trust during times of drought.


Governors' Camp Collection has sponsored the purchase of 300 bails of hay to help support the work of the Grevy's Zebra Trust in Northern Kenya. 

Since September, much of Kenya’s arid north has received less than 30% of normal rainfall - the worst short rainy season in decades.  The government has declared the drought a national disaster. Wildlife is suffering, including endangered species such as Grevy's zebra. 

A short-term solution is to provide supplementary bails of hay for the wildlife. The Grevy's zebra Trust (with authorisation from the Kenya Wildlife Service), has been doing this since August in the worst affected areas (Buffalo Springs, Shaba and Samburu National Reserves, as well as further north in Laisamis). Many of the female zebras have foals and it's essential that they receive nutrition in order for their young to survive this period.

It costs 250/- per bail of hay and a lorry can carry 300 bails at 75,000/- (~USD700). If you are in a position to support these efforts you can donate directly to the GZT. 

'image credit Grevy's Zebra Trust'