14 Jan 2019

Going, going, gone green


While the ‘green movement’ intensifies as people are becoming more aware of their responsibilities towards the environment, African Bush Camps is leading the way in eco-tourism innovations and sustainable design.

African Bush Camps two destinations located in Chobe National Park, Linyanti Bush Camp and Linyanti Ebony are proud to announce that they are successfully running off 100% solar produced energy. The two camps make up a total of 10 African Bush Camps locations being sustained by solar power!

African Bush Camps Founder and Professional Guide, Beks Ndlovu talking about the building process of African Bush Camps newest properties Nyamatusi Camp and Nyamatusi Mahogany reflects on the need to function through sustainable methods,  “In order to conserve these beautiful parts of the world you need to do tourism in a very sustainable way, so as a way to respect the land and live we also believe that a camp should be built in a very sustainable and friendly way.” 

Linyanti Camp and Linyanti Ebony are now that one step closer to achieving this goal.