27 Aug 2018

Get A Quote In 30 Seconds With Sega Tours

In addition to using Sega Tours’ professional corner to build packages, itineraries & quotations, our partners are now (since one year!) able to book accommodation live and directly via the portal.

This means no more waiting for confirmation of availability and instant confirmation to guests – any time of the day or night regardless your region, your time zone, etc.

Currently, there are more than 65 selected properties available for online booking including some hotels in Reunion Island. More are being loaded each day so as to have over 100 properties by the end of September.  In the coming days and weeks, other islands and our excursions will be bookable online.

Our reservations team is still at your disposal and assists with any other special requirements to complete the booking, however availability is secured already. Try it here now. 


Step 1:  Select the Country, then the tour, then the arrival & departure dates and lastly the number of adults and children.

Step 2:  Select your hotel:  by region or by category or by name, then by room type and/or special offer and save your choice

Step 3:  Book your transfers

Step 4:  Insert pax names (and dates of births for children only)

Step 5:  Insert any special comments (i.e. repeat clients, clients in wheelchair, etc.) and BOOK!

AND GET A QUOTATION IN JUST… 4 CLICKS (steps 1 to 4, and save the quotation in pdf format)