20 Feb 2018

Evolving Experiences

Making Memories

“We love celebrations whether a beautiful sunrise a significant date or just helping to create intimate special moments that last a lifetime” - Ingram Casey

For Your Eyes Only Secret Envelope Surprises
Our team are all about creating elements of surprise and a new concept is to collectively plan elements of surprise for our mutual guests whilst on tour that you get to take the full credit for.

This could either be facilitating a dad spoiling his family with a surprise wild picnic or a honeymoon couple enjoying a romantic secret sunset. It is all about you giving our mutual clients an additional experience which shows the extra thought at attention you have given their trip.

Our team will get a secret envelope to their hotel room the night before with a note from you which is sure to add to the excitement of the day ahead.


Memories Charged Under the Africa Sun
Additionally, yes there is more. At the surprise set up we’ll have a thoughtful gift from you to remember the experience. Something more thoughtful than a bottle of bubbly that will trigger memories long after the experience has happened.
Either for a family: 

  • A Love Bites Solar Jar. A jar charged under the African Sun full of home cooked cookies that lights up at night.

For Couples:

  • Light up your life Solar Gin Jar. A jar charged under the African Sun that contains a Craft Gin for two complete with local botanicals and safari tin mugs to enjoy on your hotel balcony or take home for a romantic taste of Africa. 

These elements are incorporated and not additional to our offering. We hope you agree it absolutely talks to ensuring our guests are making memories that count and creating strong and life lasting connections with our beautiful country and its people.

On that note Happy Valentines Day we hope its a day full of surprises from all the Escape+Explore team.

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