02 Sep 2022

Elephant Bedroom Camp - We Are Now Fully Solar Supported


We are excited to announce that in May 2022, Elephant Bedroom Camp commissioned a solar power setup to meet all the camp’s energy needs. The camp was previously powered by a diesel generator, which had distinct disadvantages. Such as noise pollution, air pollution and high running costs.

This prompted the Management to consider more sustainable alternative means of energy generation. We partnered with an external contractor (Chameleon) in this drive to make the camp more Eco- Friendly than it already was.

The whole exercise was achieved in 2 phases:

· Phase 1. Using heat pumps and solar water heating systems for water heating.

- This reduced the camp’s energy demand by 67% at a capacity of 4,900 liters of heated water.

· Phase 2. Using PV systems to provide electric power to the Camp.

- The Camp is now sustained by 36KW of solar PV and 72KWh of (super-capacitor) battery bank capacity which meets 100% of the camps energy needs.

The Solar Panels

· The solar panels used are an Italian brand Futurasun, Monocrystalline Modules with a 460w capacity.

· They have a high energy efficiency of 21.16% which is very good compared to the most efficient solar panels on the market currently reach about 22.8% efficiency.

The Battery bank

The super capacitors used are an Italian brand named Off Grid Sun, with specifications of 48v 5KWh capacity.

Since the commissioning of the unit we have seen an increase in bird and animal life around the camp, which can be attributed to the lack of generator noise as well as exhaust fumes.