04 Feb 2020

Destinations Show Delivers For Kamageo's Own Destinations.


Destinations Travel Show has again proved a major success, with the event organisers suggesting that over 40,000 would-be travellers visited the show over the 4 days at London's Olympia. Kamageo successfully represented five African destinations at the event :

ZAMBIA : There's been a sharp increase in the number of travellers keen to visit this most authentic of safari destinations. Whilst a worrying number expressed concern regarding waterflow over Victoria Falls, it was the general interest level in visiting Zambia that excited us the most. It’s clear that recent media reporting has provided a totally misleading image of the Falls, but after reassuring them with the reality of the situation, travellers were hugely enthusiastic about taking in this and other Zambian tourism delights. Rich Whiston, Kamageo's Head of Consumer Marketing explained, “Three years ago, people were asking us why they should visit Zambia at all. Now they are asking ask us when it is best to visit Kafue or The Lower Zambezi”.   After the team handed out a hefty 650 Zambia mini-guides, Zambia's Donald Pelekamoyo added “We were able to pass countless bookings to the specialist tour operators at the show”.

MALAWI : Largely attributable to the positive conservation success and re-stocking of the country's major national parks, Malawi has earned a significantly enhanced reputation amongst tourists.  The resultant headlines and media coverage have helped to cause a shift in perception for Malawi. Kamageo's Tourism Director, Kelly White, added "Malawi has moved away from being solely about the Lake and the nation's famously friendly people, with recognition that it is now a serious wildlife viewing destination too.

MAURITIUS : With a fiercely competitive Indian Ocean market at present, Mauritius Tourism was expected to be challenged by questions relating to differentiation between the islands. But instead, Mauritius is defining its own audience, who seem to be more aware of the wealth of activities on offer beyond the island's shoreline. Country Manager, Izzie Ludbrook said, "So many people asked us to explain what else they could do other than just sit on the beach...as they had heard there was plenty more to do".

UGANDA : Expectations were high as interest levels had increased with each year we have exhibited. 2020 did not disappoint as brochure stocks were already running short as early as late afternoon on day 2 of 4. Thankfully, 'reinforcements' arrived in time, but with over 750 brochures handed out to interested travellers, the growing popularity of Uganda is clear to see. Country Manager, Nadia Alam explained, "The UK trade has helped us to raise the profile of Uganda so well in the last few years. This has definitely encouraged us to commit to a major consumer advertising push in the Spring".

ESWATINI : The name-change is still baffling many, but with an air of newness, Eswatini was popular amongst those who sought "off the beaten track", as well as people planning to visit South Africa. Kelly White was keen to emphasise Eswatini's adventure pedigree, which proved a major draw at Destinations.

KAMAGEO'S KAMALEO : Our own much-loved Lion superstar made a surprise appearance at Destinations this year. The cuddly African 'mascot' appeared in literally hundreds of selfies and other photographs as he entertained visitors to the show. Kamaleo doesn’t take life too seriously and whilst some may think it's a bit of a dated way of promoting destinations, at Kamageo, we love seeing the smiles that he creates. Watch out for Kamaleo at an event near you soon!