18 Apr 2018

Coastal’s Renowned Junior Pilot’s Cadet Program




The Coastal Junior Pilot Cadet Program first began on 09th September 2011 in the city of Dar- Es-Salaam and is currently managed by Captain Maynard Mkumbwa, Coastal’s Director of Flight Operations.

Coastal's Cadet Program is designed to gather the best of newly graduated Commercial Pilots who are at the crest of beginning their career. Historically, Coastal cadet pilots were limited to Tanzanian Nationals. Beginning this year, 2018 the program has been extended to also accommodate foreign commercial pilots whilst still prioritizing Tanzanian nationals.

The recruitment process begins with advertising in local newspapers. Oral and practical interviews are then organized for shortlisted candidates; those successful join the program. The program runs as an on-going cycle; when new candidates are enrolled, advertisements for new recruitments are sent out and those completing the cadet program receive their captainship, also known as their command.

Coastal’s training program equips our pilots to become professionals in operating our Cessna 208B fleet, specifically training them for bush flying since Coastal specializes in flying safaris. At the same time, we focus on maintaining the Tanzanian Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA) and Airline standards, focusing on safety as our top priority.

The cadet program also trains our Pilots on flight operations, aircraft dispatch, ground operations and flight maintenance, thereby making our pilot’s all-rounded.

Our Junior Pilot’s require a minimum of 1000hrs to receive their command. After a completion of a final assessment, they are offered an employment contract.

The Coastal Cadet Program is very crucial to the continuous supply of qualified Pilots within the industry. It is our aim to promote the program in order for it to be emulated by other airlines across Tanzania and Africa in general, bringing growth to the industry.

Anybody interested in joining the program can contact Coastal via [email protected]