17 Aug 2020

Classic Portfolio - Tuesday Talks - Women's Month


TUESDAY TALKS || In August we celebrate Women's Month in South Africa, a great opportunity to honour the achievements, courage and strength of women. For our next Tuesday Talk, we have lined up an amazing panel of inspiring women, who all own businesses and have made their mark in the tourism world. 

We will be taking a closer look at the important roles and influence each have had in their business spheres, challenges they have faced, and what they most look forward to. On this occasion, I am excited to be on the panel side of the discussion and joining me is a group of strong, dynamic women that I hugely admire and have had the privilege of working closely with. They include: Tina Aponte from Royal Chundu, Stella Bettany from Azura Retreats, Nina Scott from Tanda Tula, and Wendy Rankin from Machaba Safaris. Our host for the afternoon will be Lisa Grainger, multi-award winning journalist and editor.

The discussion will be taking place on Tuesday 18th August at 16:30 SAST (GMT + 2) and finish at around 18:00. Please sign up through this link. Looking forward to seeing you there!