21 Apr 2020

CEO Katja Quasdorf and Dr Simon King talk the role of Eco-Tourism in life beyond (or with) Covid-19

“Eco tourism can potentially do something meaningful in the world, and to do that we need to understand humans and the psychology of experience better, to understand the issues of conservation better.” Dr Simon King


In the pursuit for facts, understanding and adaptation to perpetual change, CEO Katja Quasdorf reconnects with Dr Simon King, IUCN health and wellbeing advisor as well as medical director of Parks Doctor; an organisation which seeks to connect the medical sector to conservation and protected areas.

Exploring how far we have come in this global Covid-19 crisis, recognizing indicators of change as well as implementation of next steps and strategies, Dr King elaborates on how we can utilise this time constructively to prepare for life in the travel realm post travel bans and the world-wide health pandemic.

Dr King reminds those in the Eco -Tourism sector of their elemental role in redirecting and redefining how travellers interact and connect with nature.

“Eco-tourism has a unique role to play here, reiterating why the idea of healing and wholeness and a relationship with the earth is important. Safari tourism has always involved quick and regimented schedules, whereas now this vital and necessary connection to nature allows for opportunities that provide more meaningful experiences.”

Listen to the full podcast to gain knowledge and insight to the predicted fears and demands of travellers post Covid-19, as well as strategies and advice on how to approach these from an industry perspective. 


Thank you once again to Dr King for his time and valuable perspective throughout this transformative period of travel.