19 Feb 2024

Cape Adventure Brands and Kusa Connect Team Up in the UK


ATTA®  Members Cape Adventure Brands and Kusa Connect have joined forces in the UK to showcase the incredible outdoor activities that are on offer with Cape Adventure Brands in the Western Cape of South Africa. Quintin Smith and his team are at the forefront of these pioneering experiences that include the brands of Bikes ’n Wines, Cape Town Kayaks, Hiking Tours Cape Town, and iRide Africa. These unique activities have sparked a significant increase in interest and bookings, as UK travellers seek out more engaging and authentic experiences that allow them to connect deeply with their destination.

Graeme Watson, founder of the UK based tourism representation company Kusa Connect says, "I am so pleased to be working with fellow ATTA®  member Cape Adventure Brands, as we look to enhance the experience of travellers who are seeking unforgettable moments that allow them to truly immerse themselves in the sights, sounds and tastes of the South Africa."

Graeme and Quintin will be travelling together through the UK shortly before Experience Africa, where Cape Adventure Brands will be exhibiting.  To learn more about the different products that can be booked with Cape Adventure Brands you can watch the webinar here, and to access your Kusa Kitbag for more training and information on the full portfolio of Kusa Connect, please email Graeme on [email protected].