02 Feb 2022

Camp Sossus - Immersive Exploration - Opening April 2022 for Everyone!

Yes, you’ve read that right! We have now had time to align our post-Covid operations properly, and to take into account the experience gained since the opening of ONDULI RIDGE (link) in July 2021. As a result, we have been able to heed the calls to open the Namib’s best kept secret to everyone so Camp Sossus will no longer only be available to those travelling with Ultimate Safaris or those wanting to book it on an exclusive-use basis. It will now be open to be booked on an individual basis by anyone who wants to stay there – subject only to the availability of accommodation. All current exclusive-use bookings will be honoured, but as of April 2022 Camp Sossus can be booked on the same basis as Galton House and Onduli Ridge, on a standard per room basis.
However, the philosophy of Camp Sossus remains unchanged. The camp will still offer a truly sustainable “back to nature” experience, allowing guests to touch, feel, smell and experience the Namib, but with their feet remaining firmly in the desert sand. This ultimate connection with earth, nature and people in a very up-close and personal way gives an intimate experience that is truly immersive! Camp Sossus is NOT merely an accommodation establishment. It offers an IMMERSIVE EXPLORATION of the Namib Desert over a minimum of 2 nights and it should be offered as such!  

Whilst staying away from brick and timber buildings and all the luxury paraphernalia associated with those, our aim is still to provide complete comfort while ensuring an immersive exploration of the Namib Desert, by vehicle, by bike and on foot. We also offer the option of sleeping under a blanket of a billion stars on our star beds which are built on top each guest tented room. Guests are looked after by some extraordinary people whose only desire is to ensure that each moment spent with us is as perfect as possible. The attentive service, incredible food and attention to detail experienced at our other camps such as Onduli Ridge and The Nest @ Sossus have also become standard at Camp Sossus. Days are filled with thrilling encounters, and nights are enhanced with immersive experiences beyond most people’s wildest dreams. Our aim is to leave long-lasting impressions and happy memories but, most of all, to offer those life enriching experiences for which we have become so well known.  Please email [email protected] for reservations and STO rates.

A short video of Camp Sossus can be enjoyed here