13 Apr 2018

Business intelligence app for ResRequest customers

Using a charting tool, ResRequest and partner consultants bring you ResInsite - a business intelligence application. ResInsite graphs your ResRequest data so you can make smart decisions based on your data trends.


The Result? More guests to tuck away and more time to focus on perfecting the art of a memorable stay.

ResInsite is an in-the-cloud solution that offers guided insights into what has made your business a success and how to keep it trending upwards. Traditional approaches to hospitality analytics are time consuming and often filled with best guess scenarios cobbled together on platforms like Excel. Now you can deploy award winning software in your business that offers guided analytics, driving faster responses to the changing business environment without the need for costly development and the associated teething problems. 

Easy to deploy, tried, tested, effective and the perfect match for your ResRequest platform – ResInsite promises to mature your organisations’ approach to analytics and data with stunning results. 

This tool is an additional licensed product. If you'd like to discuss using this powerful platform, meet with us at the upcoming trade shows - WTM Africa and Indaba or read our blog 'Get insite' for more details