21 Feb 2020

Botswana and Zambia Safari Roadshows sell out


Kamageo's exclusive Safari Roadshow (part 1) takes to the road next week - 24th to 27th February, taking in Manchester, The Cotswolds and London. For this event, all 20 exhibitors are from Botswana and Zambia, with UK Africa specialist tour operators coming out in force to meet with them. "We're delighted by the trade response, with well over 40 different UK tour operators booked to attend" enthused Events Director, Mandy Henshall. Part 1, which works on a round-robin basis, is completely sold out.

Post-ITB, part 2 of the Safari Roadshow starts on 10th, running through till the 13th March. Visiting all of the same key locations, Part 2 features 20 exhibitors from Zimbabwe and Namibia. "The private sector in these countries wanted a platform to present from, whilst UK operators told us which destinations they'd be keen to meet. We simply brought them all together," added Head of Trade Marketing, Nadia Alam. 

For more information, please see www.kamageo.com/safari-roadshow