01 Feb 2024

Beyond Green: Nile Safari Lodge’s Sustainable Journey Unveiled


Blessed with fine weather and surrounded by Uganda’s lush greenery, Nile Safari Lodge stands out as a beacon of sustainable tourism. Recently visited by Judy Kepher-Gona, a prominent advocate in the sustainable tourism space, the lodge proudly holds the Beyond Green label, a prestigious global certification.

Beyond Green, known for its commitment to nature and cultural diversity, and engendering fruitful relations with the communities; meticulously assesses its members facilities every two years. Judy’s on-site evaluation delved into the over 50 sustainability indicators, ensuring Nile Safari Lodge’s adherence to global standards and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This is without doubt the best way to create authentic and meaningful travel experiences.

To avoid greenwashing tactics, Beyond Green insists on rigorous on-site inspections. Judy’s visit involved not just enjoying the signature hospitality of Nile Safari Lodge but also scrutinizing sustainability practices. Nile Safari Lodge’s commitment extends beyond eliminating single-use plastics to initiatives like a DIY charcoal cooler, a green-house, local sourcing of supplies, a comprehensive solar-powered set up and a robust water purification system that ensures sustainable use of the water from the Nile.

The lodge’s connection with the Mabako community highlights its dedication to community welfare. More than 75% of the lodge’s staff and significant purchases come from this very community. Nile Safari Lodge’s positive impact extends to setting up and maintaining boreholes for safe drinking water, fostering cultural exchanges, and ensuring open communication with the community leaders.

The community members also form part of the amazing band that entertains guests in the evenings with an array of traditional songs, dances and sounds from their instruments during the evenings. The relationship between the lodge and the community is a really solid one with the leader of the community and the lodge manager always in touch in case any issues arise.

Judy had so many nice things to say about the commitment and practices of Nile Safari Lodge towards sustainable tourism. Her recommendations for Nile Safari Lodge point to the crucial role of sustainable practices in transforming tourism destinations into assets that support wealth creation for host communities who then create experiences and welcome guests to share in their abundance.