03 Nov 2020

Beauty and beasts in the south


Ah, to be surrounded by the grunts of gnus... November marks the Great Migration's move to Southern Serengeti for the famed calving season, and our adventure-spirited mobile Serengeti Safari Camp is re-opening to welcome them. 

Nov-Mar is an utterly spectacular time of year: millions of wildebeest birthing a new generation in Jan-Mar; a plethora of predators moving in for the feast; birds, butterflies and the lush gloriousness of green season... and the vast infinity of the Serengeti pretty much to oneself. 

There's no time like the present, and here's why

  1. Serengeti Safari Camp will get you to where nearly no one else will be, on safari like it was 20 years ago - and like it probably never will be again.
  2. Tanzania is wide open and welcoming: no Covid tests or quarantine required, and the silver lining of wilderness without the crowds. 

  3. Our Walks, Wildebeest & Wilderness itinerary links Entamanu Ngorongoro to Serengeti Safari Camp with a walk along the Crater rim and down to the wildebeest-filled plains via Olduvai, the cradle of humankind... a very special take on this magical part of the planet, and hard to top for a trip between Dec-Mar. 
  4. Take a leaf out of the book of the savvy travellers who are already out here, giving a gleeful two thumbs-up. 

'Sleeping in the tent in the Serengeti is a memory that will never wear off. Seeing the stars was amazing and will never be forgotten. The lounge area was lovely for relaxing after safari and having a fire was also very nice. The safaris themselves were brilliant and we saw many memorable sights' - Mathew, Feb '20. 

We always enjoy hearing from you, so if there's anything at all that you need - just shout and we'll be glad to help. 

Love, peace and spur-winged geese,

the Nomad gnus x