27 Mar 2024

Auric Air Announces Partnership with Surf Air Mobility for Electric Powertrain Supply to ​our ​Cessna Caravan Fleet


Auric Air Services Ltd, a Tanzania-based regional air operator flying both scheduled and charter services across East Africa has entered into a MOU with Surf Air Mobility Inc, a leading regional air mobility platform to upgrade up to 12 of Auric Air’s Cessna Grand Caravan aircraft with Surf Air’s proprietary electrified powertrain technology once certified.

Surf Air now has approximately 13% of the Cessna Caravan market in Africa under agreement to upgrade to its electrified powertrains, once certified.

Surf Air is developing Supplemental Type Certifications for both hybrid and fully electric variants of the Cessna Grand Caravan. With target reductions of up to 50% in direct operating costs and 100% in carbon emissions for the fully electric powertrain, Surf Air believes the impact for other air operators around the world will be profound as the cost and environmental impact of flying are significantly reduced.

“It’s exciting to have Auric Air share our mission of reducing emissions through electrified aircraft,” said Stan Little, CEO of Surf Air Mobility. “Auric Air’s commitment secures their preferred delivery positions to upgrade their aircraft to our electrified powertrains once the technology is certified.”

About Surf Air Mobility

Surf Air Mobility, headquartered in Los Angeles, is a pioneering regional air mobility platform dedicated to transforming regional air travel through electrification. As the largest commuter airline operator in the US, Surf Air Mobility partners with commercial leaders to develop innovative powertrain technology for smaller aircraft, facilitating the electrification of existing fleets and the widespread adoption of electric aircraft. The company’s mission is to drive substantial cost reductions and environmental benefits to make regional flying more accessible and affordable. Backed by a management team with extensive expertise spanning aviation, electrification, and consumer technology, Surf Air Mobility is poised to advance the future of sustainable air travel.

About Auric Air

Auric Air Services Ltd. is a premier safari airline connecting the most captivating destinations across East Africa, allowing travelers to embark on unforgettable safari adventures. Auric Air makes it easy to experience the awe-inspiring gorillas of Rwanda and Uganda, the majestic Serengeti plains, the iconic Maasai Mara in Kenya, the rugged beauty of Ruaha National Park, the exotic Spice Island of Zanzibar, and more. The company offers seamless connections to ensure travelers experience the wonders of nature like never before. Auric Air offers an extraordinary safari experience through East Africa's most enchanting destinations.