18 Sep 2023

ATTA® partners with Weeva as preferred sustainability management platform for members

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Weeva is a SusTech (Sustainability + Technology) start-up on a mission to future-proof and make the global tourism industry more resilient.

It has created an accessible, digital sustainability management solution and supportive tools, enabling the 21st century of data-driven sustainability.

Adopting data collection and behavioural change is key to create a tourism industry that can play its part in alleviating poverty and inequality, fighting climate change, protecting biodiversity and supporting prosperous communities.

As part of our vision, ATTA® has renewed its commitment to champion sustainability in the industry, and partnered with the sustainability management platform Weeva.

Through the partnership, Weeva will equip ATTA® with a tool that will enable ATTA® members to progress towards a sustainable future. With this special paprtnership offer, ATTA® members, new to Weeva, will get a 15% discount on standard Weeva membership fees for any ATTA® property that registers a property on Weeva between now and 30 June 2024

Weeva’s digital system makes operational efficiency and resilience more accessible and achievable. Focusing on Conservation, Culture, Community and Commerce, Weeva enables independent hotels, lodges, BnBs, and other hospitality providers to monitor, manage, and improve their holistic business performance through a comprehensive suite of digital tools, educational guides, tasks and processes that the whole team can get involved in, from HR to housekeeping. 

  • Weeva’s special partnership offer for ATTA® is a 15% discount on standard Weeva membership fees for any ATTA® member that registers a property on Weeva between 1 July 2023 and 30 June 2024.
  • Weeva believes in democratizing sustainability, and as such the system is priced in 3 tiers based on the size of the hotel (measured in terms of revenue). The price of Weeva ranges between $750 - $1 200 per hotel, per annum.
  • Weeva is a purpose-driven company, actively committed to enabling, educating, and inspiring tourism businesses to measure and manage their own impact to operate in a more efficient, profitable and sustainable way.
  • To actively realise a shift towards wholescale sustainable tourism Weeva is priced to ensure any business can afford to measure and track their sustainable operations in a cutting-edge tool. This discount enables ATTA® members to benefit from expert sustainability guidance and digital tooling at a nominal cost.

Weeva makes it possible for a property to understand what needs to be done, and to be measured, to become more sustainable. It provides a user friendly and visually appealing system to measure sustainability baselines and progress, setting the property on a journey toward a sustainable future.

There are many ways that Weeva can be used to create value for a property.

There is a growing trend towards guests looking for sustainable tourism offerings. Customised reports can be generated on Weeva and distributed to tour operators/agents or directly to guests to demonstrate the progress that the property (or group/collection) is making towards a sustainable future. Monitoring and analytics of Customer Experience are key to Weeva’s commercial parameters, as is Future Proofing and Business Viability.

Direct financial benefits accrue through cost savings as resource use and efficiency improve, as well as through more engaged and better-performing team members, improved staff retention and reduced costs of onboarding and training.

Community engagement and impact improve host community relationships, economic development, and value sharing, as well as levelling up the cultural aspects of tourism.

Transforming tourism one sustainable business at a time, Weeva mirrors ATTA®’s renewed commitment to measured and managed impact.

To activate your ATTA® member's 15% discount on Weeva’s annual license fee please contact Prince Mafa on [email protected].

Weeva will ensure you get up and running on the platform with your 21-day free trial and then guide you through to action and impact.