09 Mar 2023

ATI Holidays Partners with Wild Paths

ATI news image.jpg

We’re delighted to announce that Jonny May has joined ATI in a UK based, representation, development, and marketing role!

Jonny, whom many of you will know, was formerly Audley Travel’s Senior Product Manager, responsible for Africa, Indian Ocean, Middle East, and Europe, before leaving to start his own representation company. Wild Paths is a marketing, representation and consultancy company. They work with properties and organisations that are on a journey of discovery in the areas of conservation, community and sustainability. Wild Paths strives to raise awareness for these key issues to help lead the way and protecting our people and planet.

Jonny will be keeping you in the loop with general ATI news, as well as providing product and destination updates. His role will also incorporate business development, helping us to grow our UK and US footprint. It’s an exciting change of direction for us, and we can’t wait to get him on board and into your offices! 

He is contactable on [email protected].