19 Dec 2019

Asilia to launch solar powered microbrewery at the new look Sayari Camp in the northern Serengeti


To celebrate 15 years of Sayari, Asilia will completely reimagine and rebuild the luxury, eco-conscious Serengeti camp in 2020. The new look property will open in June 2020, in time for the annual wildebeest crossings of the Mara River.

Since 2009, Asilia has been carbon neutral and continues to develop practical ways to further reduce its eco footprint. The new Sayari will be the home of the latest evolution with the installation of the first solar powered microbrewery in the bush, in partnership with Wayout, a Scandinavian start-up revolutionising the brewery industry. The new brewery will make beer and soft drinks on site, as well as purifying water and producing sparkling water, all using solar power. By doing so, Asilia removes the need for plastic bottles and cans in camp, not only reducing waste, but also reducing transport. The brewery will create four unique beers for Asilia, the perfect drink for a safari sundowner.

The camp’s bold new look was conceptualised by designer Caline Williams-Wynn. Caline is a long-time collaborator with Asilia and is the creative mastermind behind Asilia’s award-winning Highlands in Ngorongoro, Jabali Ridge in Ruaha National Park and the recently refurbished Namiri Plains in the eastern Serengeti. Sayari takes its inspiration from the colourful culture of the Kuria people who call the northern Serengeti home. The spacious main area will seamlessly blend inside and out, with sliding glass doors allowing for uninterrupted views of the rolling Serengeti plains. The Kuria will be depicted in striking original artworks by South African photographic artist Graham Springer. Music is integral to the Kuria culture, playing a key role not just in ceremonies and celebrations but also daily life. A music station will display traditional instruments used and a listening station will offer guests the opportunity to listen to samples of different songs recorded from traditional musicians in the villages around the Serengeti.

The 15 spacious tents (including a family tent sleeping up to two adults and three children) all have views of the rolling plains ahead. Sayari is not fenced and wildlife moves freely through the camp. It is not unusual to see zebra and wildebeest moving between the tents on their journey to cross the Mara River. The tents at Sayari reflect the iconic flat topped hill, Turner Hill, in their design. Inside, the colour palette has been inspired by the patterns in the rocks that stud the grass plain landscape, with a rich copper being the key accent colour. In homage to the Maasai culture of beading, cushions will be decorated with delicate beading sewn by local women. Spacious decks wrap around each room and the bathroom comes complete with views of the open plains. The bathroom includes a freestanding, extra-large bath with a view, as well as both an indoor and outdoor shower.

Sayari will open on the 1st June 2020. Artist’s impressions of the new look can be found here. Please contact [email protected] for more information.