22 Sep 2020

Anderson Expeditions leads a journey to the Ennedi plateau in Chad


In February 2021 the Anderson Expeditions team will be leading a unique journey to explore the Ennedi plateau in the Chadian Sahara. We will spread our time between staying in the spectacular Warda Camp, in the heart of Ennedi, and a mobile camp – set in phenomenal locations – operated by our team, to explore further afield. Nights spent under the desert sky will be amongst the lasting memories of an expedition to this jewel of the Sahara. Ennedi is vast, awesome and spectacular.

Towering sandstone arches, narrow canyons and Tolkienesque landscapes make this one of the most scenically incredible areas in Africa. The region is home to some of the planet’s largest sandstone formations, arches and pinnacles with countless overhangs and caves decorated with an abundance of beautiful and fascinating rock art depicting ancient people and animals. 

Ennedi has long been a refuge for Saharan wildlife with resident mammals including Barbary sheep, Dorcas gazelle, striped hyaena, baboon, patas monkey, caracal, honey badger and various fox species. Remarkably, a small relic population of crocodiles (Crocodylus suchus) persists in the Archei Guelta, the last known representatives of this species throughout the Sahara. Bird life in the Massif is highly diversified, as the area is a migratory crossroads that provides important habitat for at least 199 listed species utilizing it on their transcontinental movements.

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