13 May 2020

Airlink advises of resolution of ticket re-issue and re-accommodation of SAA tickets issued on Airlink flights


Airlink advises that it has reached agreement with South African Airways in business rescue (for the re-accommodation of SAA tickets issued after 6 December 2019 for travel on Airlink flights. In terms of the agreement, Airlink will re issue and re accommodate SAA (083) tickets issued on Airlink SA8 flights on Airlink (749) tickets for travel on future Airlink 4Z flights.

Airlink’s ticketing team will manage the re issue and re accommodation process. “This process is time consuming and we thank our travel partners and customers for their patience whilst our team of ticketing agents processes the ticket re-accommodation and re-issuing said Rodger Foster", MD and CEO.

Once tickets have been re-accommodated and re-issued Airlink customers will be able to contact Airlink’s customer care team to arrange their re-booking in accordance with Airlink’s published policy. It is important for Airlink customers to be aware that in terms of Airlink’s (now discontinued) franchise relationship with SAA, ticket sale revenue resides with SAA for all 083 SA8 tickets until such time as the flight liability has been fulfilled. The re-accommodation agreement will allow the transfer of the ticket sale revenue together with liability for service delivery to Airlink. Therefore until the re accommodations have been affected, Airlink cannot arrange re-bookings as the ticket sale revenue is in SAA’s possession.

Regrettably the re-accommodation solution does not apply to tickets purchased prior to 6 December 2019. Airlink customers holding SAA tickets purchased before 6 December 2019 should refer to SAA ’s business rescue practitioners, Mr. Les Matuson and Mr. Siviwe Dongwana, for further guidance.

Re-accommodation of 083 tickets issued from 6 December 2019 on Airlink SA8 flights will begin immediately and will endure for the next few weeks on condition that Airlink receives from SAA the ticket revenue associated with the re-accommodated tickets bearing in mind that SAA remains in the uncertain situation of being in business rescue.

Airlink apologizes to our valued customers and travel trade partners for the inconvenience of the prolonged wait in reaching this positive outcome. Airlink regrets the inconvenience to customers who purchased SAA tickets prior to 6 December 2019 on Airlink flights.