13 May 2021

A Powerful New Male Coalition Has Been Introduced to Mabula


We are delighted to announce that after a great deal of in-depth research and searching for the exact genetically unrelated match, The Greater Mabula Private Game Reserve has welcomed three young-adult male lions to the fold. These perfect youngsters hail from the Kalahari. This relocation was prompted by the ongoing initiatives to increase genetic diversity on the Reserve.

The translocation to Mabula Game Reserve was very generously enabled by the assistance of the Bateleurs. Founded in 1998, The Bataleurs is a Non Profit Company with over 200 volunteer pilots and aircraft. It provides beneficiaries and the public with an aerial perspective of the environment and has coordinated several thousand flights and diverse missions throughout South Africa and Africa in support of environmental issues.

The trio of huge males were transported by air in a Pilatus PC12 aircraft, excellently Piloted by Menno Parsons, all the while under sedation and carefully monitored by vet Dr Andy Fraser.

The lions were initially kept in a boma to allow them to settle and acclimatise to their new home. Mabula Game Lodge has successfully been home to wild free roaming lion since the nineties and these magnificent specimens are the 5th generation of lions on the reserve.

The lions have now finally been released into the on the Reserve where they will hopefully meet the resident pride of females. Initially a bit hesitant to leave their cosy enclave the most gregarious brother trotted out first and began marking territory to be shortly followed by his siblings. All three settled quite well and have already begun to explore their new home.

“The translocation was a huge success and we thank all parties involved” says a jubilant Ivan Kilian Mabula Reserve Manager. “These animals promise to be an excellent addition to reserve.

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