27 Jun 2023

A Meeting of Minds to Change the Future


Last month, Sasaab in northern Kenya had the pleasure of hosting The Long Run’s 15th East African Members’ Meeting. The Long Run is a global community with one collective goal: protect biodiversity. As a certified Global Ecosphere Retreat® (one of the most rigorous sustainability standards in tourism), Sasaab was the perfect setting for 28 brilliant minds to come together and support each other along their journeys to sustainability excellence.

It was an action-packed weekend of knowledge sharing, collaboration and a deep dive into the '4Cs': Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce. Informative talks were given on ‘FOODprints’ by plant-based dairy producers Grove and Meadow, as well as how the tourism industry can better measure its sustainability efforts from digital sustainability system Weeva.

Attendees had the chance to meet The Safari Collection’s conservation partners and explore the work of their Footprint foundation. This included the positive impact of Sasaab’s community partnerships, the brand-new Samburu cultural learning hub and experiencing the unique wildlife and scenery in this region of Kenya.

The Long Run is a programme of Preferred by Nature. It helps nature-based businesses excel to the highest sustainability standards via the tried and tested 4Cs Framework. You can discover more about what being a member of The Long Run and achieving GER® status means here

Tourism can and does impact positively on biodiversity and communities.