22 Aug 2018

A green Christmas with Robin Pope Safaris


Counting down to the festive season… Make it a green one this year and venture out to Southern Africa.

What to expect:

  • A period of revitalization… plenty of new growth, dramatic skies, vibrant colours (the most outstanding being the emerald green! – with the purples, pinks and yellows of new flowers sprouting through).
  • Influx of migratory birds with spirals of migrating storks, cuckoos and other “specials” like the African pitta.
  • Butterflies escape their cocoons and flitter about everywhere.
  • Great game viewing experiences.
  • Fewer people around, making for more exclusive feel of all areas.

Malawi and Zambia offer the ideal festive getaway!

For more information take a look at this: https://bit.ly/2N2tBGe