13 Mar 2023

21 Masai Giraffes Rescued in Kenya’s Great Rift Valley

THe Safari Collection news image.jpg

This February, The Safari Collection partnered with the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) and Save Giraffes Now (SGN) to rescue a group of Masai Giraffes being threatened by poachers and habitat loss. Marooned in community farmland on the edge of Lake Naivasha, this group of giraffes were suffering at the hands of human-wildlife conflict. A shrinking habitat, dwindling food supply and losses to poachers caused The Safari Collection to step in and help this threatened species before it was too late.

They enlisted the expertise of KWS, who darted and moved 12 of the giraffes to the nearby Loldia Farm where they are now living peacefully with protection from poachers. The other 8 were walked onto neighbouring protected farms. Giraffe conservation efforts, including translocations such as this, form a vital part of what Giraffe Manor and The Safari Collection’s Footprint foundation aim to achieve. In October 2022, three giraffes were successfully translocated from Giraffe Manor to Rimoi National Reserve in partnership with the Kenya Wildlife Service and AFEW Giraffe Centre. Such collaborations are vital in securing the protection of endangered species.

You can read the story of this incredible translocation here.