Our team comprises the country’s best kayakers and river rafting guides with over 30 years of experience. We’re proud to be Uganda’s most popular and respected adventure tour operator, leading the way in excellence and safety in one of the most beautiful African destinations.

From our riveting river-based activities on the River Nile to on-land excursions like bungee jumping and horseback safaris, Adrift promises to take you on an East African adventure like no other.

Affordable options to enjoy the mighty River Nile and have easy access to a host of activities right at your door step. The range of accommodations come with a variety of accomodation and dining opportunities.

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Activities offered

  • Fishing
  • Overland
  • Accommodation
  • Honeymoon safaris
  • Riding Safaris
  • Photography
  • Eco tourism
  • Weddings
  • Cultural activities
  • Canoeing
  • Bird Watching

Where we operate

  • Uganda

Where we’re based

  • Kenya
  • Uganda
  • Tanzania

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Ms Ruth Riley
Adrift and Lemala Wildwaters lodge are proud to support Bike4School.

A CSR initiative that provides children with the means of getting to school. Children have to walk over 10km to school and are exhausted by the time they reach their school grounds. But the biggest challenge is that this time consuming hike and the hours they have to spend in school clashes with the hours they are needed at home for household chores or support in income generation. Many times forcing students to leave school, drop-out and face future without proper education. The solution is simple: affordable and efficient transport. With a bicycle students are faster and able to cover longer distances easily. The bicycles enables them to go to school and do their household chores and give them a fair chance to follow education and create opportunities for future.

Please help improve a child's life, each donation of 150$ secures a new bike for a child.

[email protected]