Nomad Introduce Private Guide & Vehicle as Standard on All Nomad Bookings from May 2023

This is a manifestation of our safari philosophy.

When we release our rates we could just show you the dollar price for a bed in a camp, but that would belie our true value. Because frankly, we’re not here to sell bed nights. We’re here to deliver the best safaris possible.

First order of business: Guiding

We’re hugely proud of our guides. They’re the best in the business, and most have been with us since the beginning. And where they stand is between your clients, and all the wild potential their adventure holds.

We’ve always said that a privately guided safari is the best safari you can have.

We talked the talk – now we’re walking the walk; from May 2023 every new booking in Nomad camps gets a private guide and vehicle included as standard.

Next up: Nomad circuits to suit any bush buccaneer

We’ve had 25 years to hone this craft, and decades of happy guests gives us the feeling we’re on the right track. Deep in our bones and to the core of our soul, we know how to bring alive the magic of these wild places we call home.

So, for 2023 we’ve created a simple rate structure to help you to unlock Nomad specials, circuits and the best of the seasons. 

By choosing to safari with us – by accepting this invitation to a wild Nomad escapade – you become an integral part of this ecosystem of empowerment and environmental protection. And your clients take away an adventure they’ll never forget.

For further details or access to your rates, please visit our website or contact us at