Conservation South Luangwa & Sungani - Sungani Will Match All Donations Up To $25,000

This year, Sungani have donated $25,000 to CSL's work, and in addition have pledged to match donations to CSL's wildlife protection work up to a further $25,000 in 2022 in the hope of inspiring new donors to pledge their support for this extraordinary ecosystem, its habitat and wildlife.

CSL practices a multi-faceted approach to wildlife resource management and protection, working in collaboration with DNPW to implement counter poaching and wildlife trafficking measures including anti-poaching foot patrols, aerial surveillance, sniffer dog detection, and tracking work, alongside direct community engagement with people living alongside the extraordinary wildlife of the South Luangwa Valley and 24/7 veterinary response and rescue.

Over the last 19 years, the CSL team has removed over 10,000 deadly wire snares from the bush, successfully de-snared over 250 animals, and the team has grown to 120 full-time employees dedicated to wildlife conservation, including 93 highly trained anti-poaching rangers, a full-time pilot and 4 K9 detection dogs.

Our 365 presence has brought about real and measurable results evidenced by the proliferation of wildlife in and around the area.

The work our conservation partners do is so fundamental and we are privileged to play our small part in their mission. 

The way that we are able to assist CSL and DNPW as operators are:

  • Create and grade road networks to make the area more accessible
  • Assist with deployment of scouts 
  • A constant 365-day presence in the area to report any incidents 
  • Another pair of eyes from the air when our aircraft completes transfers
  • Michael, our head guide is an honorary wildlife police officer and is able to assist DNPW and CSL in that role 
  • Construct, maintain and register the airstrip allowing CSL and other conservation partners to access the area easily by air

Conservation doesn't start and end with wildlife. It starts with community. The key is for local populations to appreciate the benefits of anti-poaching and conservation. One way to accomplish this is when the community is able to benefit from new skills learned and income security derived from the tourism sector, among others. 

Employing people from our neighboring villages with zero to little experience was a challenge, but with persistence and structured training they now make up 90% of our front and back-of-house teams. A part of the blanket training has been to ensure all staff learns the value of protecting the wildlife and the area. To accomplish this we have ensured staff has access to game drives with our safari guides, whose shared knowledge and passion has culminated in a shift of mindset. During the difficult time of the pandemic, we were able to maintain our staff levels.  

Our planned philanthropy will include identifying suitable candidates to sponsor through the process of ultimately qualifying as safari guides.

It has been remarkable to maintain such a happy workforce who continues to amaze us every day! We have truly become a family.

When you visit, you are not only contributing to this incredible area and its wildlife but to those 40+ staff employed, their families, and beyond. You will become enveloped in the family, getting to know everyone by name and taking stories home with you. 

Our commitment is all-encompassing and never-ending: the aim is to demonstrate through our actions that if we touch the earth gently and with respect, we will all pass on a better future for the people, flora and fauna of one of the few remaining places of natural wonder.

We hope to see you soon!
The Sungani family and CSL team

Photo credit: Conservation South Luangwa and Sungani

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