are now Carbon Neutral are delighted to announce that we are now a Carbon Neutral company! 

We have partnered with Re-Wild carbon, operated by the Durrell Wildlife Organsiation, which is re-wilding an area of the Northern Amazon rainforest in Brazil. Not only re-planting tree's but also providing pathways of forest for the wildlife to move from one area to another, all carried out by locals, so also benefitting the economy by providing jobs and forestry education.

We have also provided funding this year to the WHO Coronavirus Emergency fund, to provide resources and information to developing countries in the best way to combat the Covid 19 pandemic. This is on top of our usual work of aiming to improve health & safety standards across the globe with our good practice guidance and safety assessment programmes for our travel industry clients.

All of the above is assiting with our aim to be a more socially responsible, enviromentally friendly and hopefully sustainable organsiation going forward.