Kili Villa goes digital with new guest app

We are extremely excited to announce that together with our friends at Vamoos we have introduced a contactless app to improve the experience of our guests, while reducing the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

Guests associate Kili Villa with luxury stays in wide-open spaces and tranquillity, ideal for isolation, rest and relaxation, and the use of this new app enables us to provide them even more peace of mind. Thus, we can both protect our environment by using less paper and remove the anxiety of handling brochures and other touch points around the villas.

Every guest who books into Kili Villa will now receive a link to the Vamoos App, which they are encouraged to download prior to arrival. The app feeds into their anticipation for their upcoming trip. Its directory feature replaces brochures, wine lists and activity rates and includes useful information on our surroundings. The app’s message system also gives guests a convenient communication channel for any special requests such as dietary needs, while bookings can be made for transfers and activities.

Key features of the app include:

  • Ability to access all room info, activities descriptions and menus
  • Destination information, including links and routes to key locations
  • Live ticker which will count down to the arrival date at Kili Villa
  • Social links integration so guests can share all app info and imaging with their friends
  • Ability to book/upgrade/review directly from the app

For more info contact us on