Africa-Experience now offers guided treks up Mount Kenya

Hiking up Mount Kenya, the second highest mountain in Africa, is on the bucket list of many travellers and offers an amazing trekking adventure for nature lovers from all over the world. The mountain’s diverse landscapes and its many endemic plants make it a UNESCO world heritage site and there is no better way to experience the beauty of Mount Kenya than on foot.

When hiking on Mount Kenya, your guests pass through dense and lush mountain forests, open grass lands dotted with giant lobelias and past gurgling mountain streams.

Zebras and antelopes live in the lower slopes of the mountain, so your guests can keep their eyes peeled and try not to spook the soft-footed wildlife behind the next bush.

Amongst the rugged cliffs and glaciers of this ancient extinct volcano your guests can gain a new perspective of the world around them and be reminded that out here, nature is in charge. If the weather permits it, they may even be building their very own snowman in Africa.

At Kenya-Experience we will walk with your guests and we have got them covered:

  • Your guests won’t get lost – thanks to our professional guides who will lead the way.
  • Your guests will be comfortable – thanks to our high-quality camping gear and experienced crew.
  • Your guests will get the strength they need – thanks to our mountain-chefs cooking up a storm for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We have climbed Mount Kenya ourselves via different routes and we specialise in three routes: Naro Moru Route, Sirimon Route and Chogoria Route.

If you have any questions about the beautiful Mount Kenya or would like to know more about what to expect on a Mount Kenya trek with Kenya-Experience, please get in touch with us!