Upgrades and Renovations at Elewana Properties

At Elewana Collection, each of our 16 camps, lodges, and beach hideaways has its own individual style and charm, offering a completely unique and immersive experience in each destination. In keeping in line with our commitment of providing the highest level of luxury and comfort for our guests, we make sure to carry out periodic updates and renovations. Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint, soft remodeling or a major refurb, we continually strive to enhance our guest experience.

Our company philosophy focuses on the concept of “harmony” (the root meaning of Elewana in Swahili) which drives our commitment to deliver unforgettable safari experiences. We believe in designing sustainably without unnecessary waste and aim to leave as little impact as possible on our surrounding environment, repurposing materials wherever possible.

Our teams have been working hard over the past few months on important renovations at our camps and lodges in Kenya and Tanzania in order to welcome back visitors with fresh new aspects. We’re thrilled to update you with all the latest info: https://elewanacollection.com/news-information/latest-news/renovations-upgrades