Mantis Collection puts down roots for a greener future

Community Conservation Fund Africa (CCFA) is a fundraising and grant-giving non-profit company established by the founders of the Mantis Collection ( ) and Accor Hotels ( It was formed to address the urgent need of conservation awareness in communities that share living space with wild animals, to empower and educate the local population to protect the biodiversity and the endangered species, for the benefit of all who share the land together.

As part of the ‘Greening the Community’ empowerment pilot project in the Eastern Cape, aimed at helping the 121 800 community members of KwaNobuhle improve their environment, CCFA is launching an exciting ‘Planting a Better Future’ campaign in the township.

Greening the Community is a long-term empowerment and environmental sustainability initiative for local communities to drive environmental awareness practices at grass roots levels. It is designed to inspire change and encourage young people in particular to play their part in ensuring a prosperous future for all. CCFA see this as a pilot project which could be rolled out to further communities.

CCFA Green Print: Assisting township communities, who are self-motivated, to be at the helm of conservation in wilderness areas is at the heart of the CCFA vision and mission.

Adopt-a-tree campaign is the first in a series of initiatives to green the environment, inspired by the Indalo Nursery operating from the local Mantis Collection property at the Hopewell Conservation Estate. The vision is to raise funds to plant 600 trees at schools, churches and safe spaces within the neighbouring KwaNobuhle township over the next 12 months.

By supporting the Greening the Community Initiative individuals and corporates will be part of a collective effort to improve the environment for people and nature.  Together with CCFA, corporates and individuals will be contributing towards the alleviation of poverty, assisting with personal and social transformation, changing and uplifting communities, creating a sustainable future while helping to offset carbon emissions.

To ensure sustainability and achieve CCFA long-germ goals the project implementation includes

  • A 21 day educational Youth Development Empowerment Programme for 20 vulnerable youths: The course covers life skills, employability, indigenous horticulture, plant handling, traditional medicine and general conservation awareness and practices. CCFA has successfully funded and implemented similar courses in previous years and wishes to continue this on an annual basis.
  • Official graduation ceremony for 20 students.
  • Immersive Wilderness & Nature Trail Experience for 20 youths: The trail experience aims to facilitate a connection and appreciation to the youths cultural-environmental heritage. It also draws attention to the healing power of nature for personal and social transformation which often leads students to make life changing choices.
  • Paid horticultural internships: 6 month horticultural internship for 2 students at Indalo Nurseries
  • Post-course assistance: includes mentoring and counselling, guidance with CV writing and finding a job.
  • Tree Planting Campaign ‘Adopt-a-Tree’: The vision of the tree planting campaign is to raise funds to plant 600 trees at schools, churches and safe spaces within the local community of KwaNobuhle township, over the next 12 months.
  • Mentor and guide Indalo Nurseries in opening and sustaining their own retail nursery where the local community can purchase plants. 

The Adopt-a-Tree fundraising drive has two prize draws consisting of luxury holiday prizes from the Mantis Collection for individuals and corporates who wish to purchase a tree . There is a prize draw for individuals who purchase one tree or more and a separate prize draw for corporates who purchase a cluster of trees (10) or more. Each tree costs R300.  To Adopt-a-Tree, visit

As the grand finale of this fundraiser initiative, Steven Lancaster, well-known local extreme athlete, is embarking on a mammoth challenge in support of CCFA’s Greening the Community Project. He will start at 16.00 on 23rd September and continue over 24 hours to late afternoon on Heritage Day, 24th September. He is rising to the Everesting Challenge and aims to complete this 8849m gruelling run. He has chosen one of Gqeberha’s (Port Elizabeth) green lungs, Brickmakers Kloof Road, in Baakens Valley, to reach his Mount Everest target, 141 summits, to inspire individuals, corporates and the active environment-focussed lifestyle community - to plant trees for a better future.

To learn more about Greening the Community please visit

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