Ethiopian Airlines Kenya partners with Tour Operators Society of Kenya (TOSK) on leisure travel

Ethiopian Airlines Kenya has partnered and signed an MOU with Tour Operators Society of Kenya (TOSK). This partnership is to promote and market leisure travel into Ethiopia and within the Ethiopian Airlines network. This comes at a time after Ethiopia was awarded the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) Safe Travels Stamp – the world’s first-ever global safety and hygiene stamp – following major steps implemented by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to ensure safety for residents, travellers,  workers and businesses in the tourism value chain, as Ethiopia reopened its borders to international visitors.

Ethiopia is among 200 other major popular holiday hot spots around the world such as Kenya, Turkey, Portugal, Argentina, Tunisia, and Indonesia, who together are using the stamp to reassure travellers and restore confidence to travel.

Tour Operators Society of Kenya (TOSK) is a business membership organization of small medium enterprises and start-up Tour Operators and other service providers in the Tourism industry. 

As many destinations begin to ease lockdown restrictions and more travellers seek out getaways to escape from the lockdown, Tour and leisure operators will be on the frontlines to welcoming new guests with exciting holiday offers.  The Ethiopian TOSK partnership is expected to stimulate and meet this leisure demand especially into Ethiopia. Together with the fully fledged ET Holidays Department, this is expected to increase and grow the number of leisure travellers into Ethiopia.

Ethiopia is an ancient country whose unique cultural heritage, rich history and remarkable biodiversity are reflected in a tally of nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites – more than any other country in Africa. As the cradle of mankind, the source of the Blue Nile, the origin of coffee and more, Ethiopia offers an authentic experience to its Travelers. From mysterious ancient cities to being the diplomatic capital of Africa, from the peaks of 4000m above sea level to the Danakil depression, the lowest and hottest place on Earth, visiting Ethiopia is an experience of a lifetime.

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