The Safari Collection’s helicopter takes to the skies

After a quiet year, our helicopter pilot is thrilled to have taken to the skies once again in our private helicopter.

Stationed between Solio Lodge in Laikipia and Sasaab in Samburu, our heli is ready to transport guests on the most magical adventures to some of Kenya’s wildest destinations. Places inaccessible without your own set of wings. Remote landscapes with geographical wonders to inspire. Soar alongside flamingos. Stop for sundowners on the edge of a volcanic crater rim. Land on mountain tops. Swim in natural springs. Our helicopter trips are immersive experiences for all the senses.

Check out the latest video footage from one of our epic heli tours to get a taster of this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The Safari Collection has a whole range of helicopter itineraries to choose from, exploring the further reaches of Kenya’s wild landscapes.